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Social Worker Lied In Court To Persuade Judge To Remove Four Children From Their Parents

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Social Worker Lied In Court To Persuade Judge To Remove Four Children From Their Parents

An Iowa social worker who lied 10 times to a judge and suggested four children should be placed in foster care has struck a plea deal so she could serve no time in prison.

The Daily Mail reports Chelsie Gray,30, lied during a December 2017 court hearing about attending monthly visits with the family and provided false evidence stating the mother agreed with the terms of her probation and testing positive for drugs. Grey also gave a fake testimony about the children’s teachers who were concerned about their behavior in school. Judge Gregg Rosenbladt said Gray’s claims were unbiased and credible, leading up to the child being separated from their parents.

Months after the court hearing, the false allegations and evidence backfired on Gray after assistant attorney, Nichole Benes, discovered errors in her testimonies.

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The Iowa Department of Human Services and the attorney general’s office looked in the case files and revealed the false claims Gray used in court. District Associate Judge Adam Sauer said in a statement that her testimony was of ‘grave concern’ on June 12, 2018.

‘Providing false testimony of any kind is an unfathomable violation of the trust that the people in the State of Iowa place in their public servants and cast a dark and permanent shadow upon all of us.’

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Sauer dismissed all approvals to terminate the couple’s parental rights and said all foster care referrals should end immediately. Gray’s motives are currently unknown and DHS records show she was terminated from payroll in April.

charged with three counts of perjury for her actions in the case of the northern Iowa family. She faced up to five years in prison.



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