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Soulja Boy In Process Of Donating All Gucci & Removing Forehead Tattoo

Soulja Boy Boycotts Gucci
Photo Source: YouTube/The Breakfast Club


Soulja Boy In Process Of Donating All Gucci & Removing Forehead Tattoo

It seems like Soulja Boy is being 110 percent serious in his boycott against clothing brand Gucci; this as he begins donating all of his purchases and even removing the forehead tattoo in their honor.

While speaking with TMZ, the rapper states, “Gucci’s done. We ain’t gone return it, I’m just giving it away to charity. […] I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, over the last two years on the brand. I just feel disrespected, for them to even portray my culture like that.”

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In addition, Soulja admits, “I love Gucci, man. I got a Gucci tattoo in the middle of my forehead. I’ve started the process [to remove it]. I gotta go back two more times. I went three times.”

Furthermore, when asked if he’d jump back on board with the brand, he says, “Cut that check, cousin, and give me a formal apology, a personal apology.”

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Also, he briefly addresses the rape allegations against him. He says, “It’s all false. I’m the hottest rapper in the game right now…I’m the hottest in the game.”

#PressPlay below to hear more from Soulja Boy on boycotting Gucci

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