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Soulja Boy Getting Out Of The Slammer Early!

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Soulja Boy Getting Out Of The Slammer Early!

Soulja Boy Getting Out Of The Slammer Early!

Great news for Soulja Boy fans: the rapper is getting out of the slammer early!

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As we previously reported, Soulja found himself in trouble with the law once again for violating his probation in April. Apparently, the judge said he failed to do his court-ordered community service and even conspired to falsify evidence saying he had completed it. In addition to that, feds found ammunition at his home in February, which is another violation of his probation. As a result, he was was slapped with a sentence of 240 days in jail and 265 days of community service.

Now, Soulja hasn’t completed his full sentence, but somehow he managed to get out 146 days earlier. According to TMZ, the rapper is expected to be free today, after just a little more than 3 months locked up. The L.A. Sheriff’s Dept. said Soulja is getting an early leave because of good behavior, time served and overcrowding.

Now that Soulja will be free, hopefully he will stay out of trouble, especially because he doesn’t have to worry about his kidnapping case since it got rejected by prosecutors while he was locked up.

Socialites, can get his life back on the right track? Sound off in the comment box below!

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