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Soulja Boy Says Woman Accusing Him Of Kidnapping Is A Liar


Soulja Boy Says Woman Accusing Him Of Kidnapping Is A Liar

Soulja Boy Says Woman Accusing Him Of Kidnapping Is A Liar

The woman who claims she was kidnapped by Soulja Boy is apparently lying, according to sources connected to the rapper.

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It was said that the alleged victim, Kayla, lied about being kidnapped and tied to a chair for 6 hours. The sources say the real story is that Soulja had been dating Kayla for a while but ended the relationship, and she was upset about it. They say Kayla came to Soulja’s house on Friday night, under the influence, and crashed her car in his driveway, hitting the curb.   

There was a party going on at Souljas house that night and the crowd heard the crash. When his manager came outside and told Kayla she was not welcomed, sources say, Kayla then attacked the manager and the two began fighting. Soulja never went outside his home and never even saw Kayla.

Kayla reportedly suffered injuries, not from Soulja but from his manger who was defending herself, the sources say. Kayla did file a police report and law enforcement say they are currently investigating the incident.

Soulja’s team says Kayla’s allegations are “100% fabricated.”

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