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Spoons, Knife, Toothbrush & Screwdriver Found In Man’s Stomach

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Spoons, Knife, Toothbrush & Screwdriver Found In Man’s Stomach

Spoons, Knife, Toothbrush & Screwdriver Found In Man’s Stomach

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A man in India had quite a strange appetite as doctors discovered spoons, knifes, a toothbrush and a screwdriver in his stomach!

The Hindustan Times reports that Karan Sen appeared to have swallowed two screwdrivers, two toothbrushes, eight spoons and a kitchen knife.

35-year-old Karan Sen is believed to have been suffering from schizophrenia for the past twenty years.

A few days ago, he complained of a cyst in his stomach, he was then taken to a local hospital where doctors made the discovery.

“It took nearly four hours for the team of surgeons to operate upon Karan ,“ said Medical College principal Dr Rajneesh Pathania.

“He is out of danger now. This was a first of its kind surgery in the college. The team removed eight spoons, two screwdrivers, two toothbrushes, a kitchen knife and a door latch from the stomach of the man,” he added.

It took a three hour operation to remove all of the items from his stomach. Sen is now in the care of his family as he recovers. People with the disorder typically eat inedible items such as hair, nails, plastic etc.

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