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Stacey Dash Reportedly Bailed From Jail By Husband She Assaulted


Stacey Dash Reportedly Bailed From Jail By Husband She Assaulted

After pleading not guilty to charges of a domestic battery, Stacy Dash has been bailed out by her husband!

Looks like Jeffrey Marty wants to make sure his wife Stacy Dash is taken care of as he reportedly paid her bond to ger her out of jail following an argument and an arrest.

In earlier reports, we shared that her bond was set at $500 and according to  Page Sixthat bond was paid and she has been released from the Land-O-Lakes Detention Facility.

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Dash was arrested on Monday at her home in Flordia after calling 911 saying that she had been assaulted by her husband. In the released 911 call, Dash could be heard saying;

“We were all arguing, I asked his daughter to get out of my face, she was in my face. I pushed her back and he put me into a chokehold.”

She was arrested after police discovered that there were scratch marks on Marty’s body. When she was questioned, Dash shared the extent of her relationship with her husband’s kids saying;

“They’re all saying what a b***h I am, I’m the stepmother, how they all hate me. They’re just disrespectful, awful children.They’re just talking with each other about how to put me in jail.”

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Dash and her husband were married back in 2018 after only knowing each other for only 10 days. As of now, there is no word on what will happen with their relationship but as more news is released we will keep you updated! Take a listen to the 911 call below!


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