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Starbucks Is Back With Another Wacky Drink In Three Colors


Starbucks Is Back With Another Wacky Drink In Three Colors

As Dj Khaled would say, “Another One” as Starbucks is back with a new wacky drink that might actually taste good!

We have seen the Unicorn drink, the Vampire drink, and even the summer pretty colored drinks. But the new Crystal Ball Frappuccino is the latest unique drink that the Starbucks has added to their menu.

This new drink is said to have a flavor that you would never expect from a sprinkled looking drink!

“It’s a Peach Infusion Creme Frappuccino! Marbled with turquoise sparkles and topped with peach-infused whipped cream and candy crystal gems,”

According to the official Frappuccino Twitter account, as if you’re not following it already.

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The crystal gems on each drink have a specific meaning as it comes in three colors. Blue, green, and purple, but you can’t choose, the barista chooses for you!

“If they’re blue, it foretells adventure. If they’re green, it will bring you luck. And if your Frapp is purple, Wonder and enchantment are headed your way. Also owls.”

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Sounds like a mixture straight out of Harry Potter to me! This drink will be available at all Starbucks locations but only for a limited time. Who knows if a lot of people like the drink they could keep it around!

Take a look at the drink below and let us know what you think!

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