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Stephen Belafonte Accuses Mel B Of Being A Liar And Drug Addict



Stephen Belafonte Accuses Mel B Of Being A Liar And Drug Addict

Mel B’s ex-husband has a lot to say including that she is a drug addict and alcoholic who has walked into doors and has been hospitalized for Overdoses.

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He adds that she has covered up the bruises and other injuries from her addiction by claiming it was domestic violence.

Belafonte has also filed legal docs in an effort to get visitation rights in connection with his stepdaughter, Angel, whose biological father is Eddie Murphy. Belafonte, who has been with Angel almost since her birth, claims Mel B is concocting lies about domestic violence to turn Angel against him.

He refers to a 2014 incident in London where Mel B claims he bashed her head into a door. Belafonte says, in fact, what happened was that Mel B overdosed on drugs, she was then  hospitalized and sustained bruises from the EKG machine and IV during her stay in the hospital, and falsely claimed it was the result of abuse.

He claims that she is so addicted to drugs and alcohol she walks into walls because she’s drunk in the middle of the day. He says she is so wasted sometimes she will pull down her pants and try to urinate on the couch in front of the kids.

In addition, he claims that he forced her to have threesomes is a complete lie. He says he has videos where Mel B initiates and records the incidents and looks into the camera and says, “That’s hot!” and “I like it.”

Mel claimed in court documents that Stephen showed the kids ISIS beheadings. He says this is a blatant lie and he has never seen these videos.

Belafonte says he even texts Mel B’s therapist asking him to stop medicating her, warning him that she could end up like Michael Jackson.

Take a look at their marriage below.

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