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Stephen Kings’ Reboot Of ‘It’ Earns Highest Grossed Movie of September, Ever In History


Stephen Kings’ Reboot Of ‘It’ Earns Highest Grossed Movie of September, Ever In History

Reportedly, after this weekend, America has confirmed that they might have a slight obsession with scary clowns that feed off your worst nightmare. As the second weekend wraps up since the premier last Friday, the new adaptation of author Stephen Kings’ clown thriller ‘IT,’ is allegedly supposed to bring in more than $60 Million dollars from the box office.

Critics are claiming that if the film does reach its numbers, the domestic gross will be $218.7 million in only two weeks, and a final total is projected to reach $371.3 million. With only a $35 million budget, this will make the King reboot the highest grossing September release in history.

Moreover, as of now, ‘It,’ has been the number one watched movie out, despite all the scary accusations about clowns. This weekend alone did amazing numbers, Friday $19.4 million, Saturday $26.2 million, and Sunday is supposed to get between $14.5 million.

However, even if the film does not do well Sunday, it has already passed the total that was racked up by the previous record holder for September movies, Crocodile Dundee, which earned $174.8 million back in 1986.

This film is doing favors for movie theatres as well, statistics at USA today prove that attendance at movie theaters is up nearly 40 percent this September as compared to last September, thanks in large part the film’s success.

Socialites did you go see IT yet? Let us know what you thought about the clown film in the comment section below.

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