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Streetwear Brand Faces Backlash For School Shooting-Themed Clothing

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Streetwear Brand Faces Backlash For School Shooting-Themed Clothing

Streetwear Brand Faces Backlash For School Shooting-Themed Clothing

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A streetwear brand is facing major backlash after showcasing its new 2020 line of hoodies that are themed around school shootings during NYFW.

Bstroy’s showed off their 2020 collection during a fashion show and the line features numerous sweatshirts embroidered with the names of schools where horrific shootings occurred, including; Columbine, Sandy Hook, Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Virginia Tech.

 The sweatshirts feature a distressed style with holes cut into the material to resemble bullet holes.

Soon after Bstory posted images of the show online they received major backlash, with some survivors of the shootings commenting that the deaths of their fellow students shouldn’t be used for monetary gain.

“I would just like to say, what actual the hell is wrong with you. goddamn monetizing off a school shooting. disgusting,” said Kyle Kashuv of the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

Another Parkland survivor added, “My dead classmates dying should not be a f—ing fashion statement.”

Bstroy founder Brick Owens posted a response to the backlash on Instagram, claiming that the sweatshirts were part of the brand’s “Samsara” collection, adding that “sometimes life can be painfully ironic.”

“Like the irony of dying violently in a place you consider to be a safe, controlled environment, like school. We are reminded all the time of life’s fragility, shortness, and unpredictability yet we are also reminded of its infinite potential.”

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