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Stripper Arrested For Plotting Mass Shooting On Her Tumblr Page



Stripper Arrested For Plotting Mass Shooting On Her Tumblr Page

A Florida woman was arrested after she threatened to carry out a mass shooting on her Tumblr page.

According to News4Jax, 31-year-old Brein Basarich of Lakeland was arrested earlier this week for posting disturbing messages about murdering a group of people in a public space. Basarich said under her Tumblr handle “taking-lives” that she had a vision of a bar or nightclub with a single entrance and wanted to buy an AR-15 soon. The post also added that she admired several serial killers and mass murderers.

“I had a vision… of a very public place, only one way in and one way out. Preferably a bar/club on a busy night. 2019 has a lot in store if my plans go according!”

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Heavy News also reported about Basarich’s infatuation with Dylann Roof and stated her support for the mass shooter. Police arrested and charged Basarich with written threat to injure. There was no further information if she obtained a lawyer.

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Tumblr has since deleted Basarich’s profile and she was released on a $5,000 bail.

#PressPlay below to check out some facts about female mass shooters and why they are rare.  

Source: HeavyNews4Jax

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