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Stripper Rips Power Meter Off Wall During Brawl



Stripper Rips Power Meter Off Wall During Brawl

A Florida stripper at a gentleman’s club was arrested after she assaulted a fellow stripper and ripped the power meter off the club’s wall.

KTLA reports Christie Caratini-Mendoza,37, who works at the Desire Gentleman’s Club in Pasco County, punched another stripper in the face multiple times then kicked her down to the ground. Afterward, Caratini-Mendoza grabbed a Progress Energy electric power meter off the wall and hid it.

Police arrested Caratini-Mendoza and she later confessed to stealing the utility box. The arrest report explained that the meter was found inside of her duffel bag and the plug was entangled in her wig.

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Police charged Caratini-Mendoza with battery and grand theft. She is presently being held at Land O’ Lakes Detention Center.

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There was no further info about the stripper’s legal representation and bail cost.

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