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Student Dies After Being Set On Fire For Reporting Sexual Harassment

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Student Dies After Being Set On Fire For Reporting Sexual Harassment

Student Dies After Being Set On Fire For Reporting Sexual Harassment

A teen’s life was unfortunately cut short after she was set on fire for reporting sexual harassment at her school.

18-year-old Bangladesh student, Nusrat Jahan Rafi, went to the police on March 27 to file a report against her principal for allegedly sexually harassing her. Rafi told them that her principal, Maulana Siraj Ud Doula, had called her into his office and repeatedly touched her inappropriately. According to the Daily star, he statement was filmed without her consent by the police officer, who later shared it on social media, which is illegal.

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In the disturbing video Rafi can be seen very upset while trying to explain what happened, but the police officer is heard saying it’s “not a big deal” and telling her to “move your hands from the face, stop crying, nothing happened that you have to cry.” Despite that, she filed her report, Ud Doula was arrested, but that’s when things got worse for her.

Rafi and her family reportedly started receiving death threats from the principal’s supporters. On April 6, Rafi was led into going to the roof of a school building, where at least four unidentified people doused her in kerosene and lit her on fire.

Her attacker’s, who were dressed in burqas and had their faces mostly covered, tried to pressure Rafi to dismiss her complaint against Ud Doula. But when she refused they let her burn. Rafi tried to run downstairs to get help but her entire body was in flames, her older brother told the Daily Star.

After being taken to a local hospital, she was transferred to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where doctors discovered she had suffered burns to 80% of her body. Rafi sadly died on April 10.

Thousands of infuriated and heartbroken people turned up for her funeral. Rafi’s story also sparked major outrage and now people across the country are holding protests demanding justice for her murder.

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