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Study Shows That Naps Can Cause Heart Attacks



Study Shows That Naps Can Cause Heart Attacks

Study Shows That Naps Can Cause Heart Attacks

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We all love naps and sometimes they are necessary to keep us going through the work day, but, they might not be good for your heart!

Heart attack and stroke’s are caused by cardiovascular disease, after plaque builds up in the vessels supplying blood to the heart, eventually this will block blood flow.

A new study by the British Medical Journal found that , “frequent nappers” were mostly older men with less education, higher body mass, and a greater  risk to smoke.

The danger comes from naps that last longer than an hour, however, lifestyle factors must be taken into consideration. As those who smoke or eat unhealthy are at a higher risk.

Drs. Kristine Yaffe and Yue Leng of the University of California at San Francisco said in an editorial that “while the exact physiological pathways linking daytime napping to [cardiovascular disease] risk is not clear, [the study] contributes to the ongoing debate on the health implications of napping.

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