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Surveillance Video Captures What Went Down With Cuba Gooding Jr. & Accuser At NYC Night Club

Photo Credit: TMZ


Surveillance Video Captures What Went Down With Cuba Gooding Jr. & Accuser At NYC Night Club

As we previously reported, a woman has come out and accused actor Cuba Gooding Jr. of touching her inappropriately while at a night club in Manhattan over the weekend. Gooding has maintained that he’s innocent and insisted there’s a video out there that can back up his claims.

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Well, a video has just been shared to the public and it’s definitely a head scratcher. The clips shows Gooding sitting with his GF, Claudine De Niro at around 10:15 PM on Sunday in the Magic Hour Rooftop Lounge in NYC. His accuser then can been seen coming over to sit next to them. Almost immediately you see Gooding reach over Claudine and place his hand on the woman’s left thigh after she is seated. Just seconds later his hand moves up to her chest and the accuser puts her hand on his.

Now, from there it’s hard to make out what exactly happened: she either pushes his hand back toward him or he pulls her hand to his mouth and kisses it. However, a man then walks over to the group and puts his hands on Gooding and the accuser’s shoulder to say something and things just get super weird from there.

At the end of the clip, Cuba can be seen heading out without an argument. However, in a clip captured from the lounge cameras shows his accuser confronting a security guard while the actor is making out with his girlfriend.

Now, it’s unclear what the girl told the security guard who was standing next to the couple, but Cuba can been jumping out of his seat and exiting as the guard and Claudine follows.

Gooding was eventually arrested Thursday and booked for misdemeanor forcible touching and sexual abuse in the third degree.

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