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Suspect Walks Out Of His Trial While Jury Deliberates

Grant County Sheriff's Office


Suspect Walks Out Of His Trial While Jury Deliberates

An Arkansas man saw an opportunity to walk out of his trial while the jury made a decision on a verdict.

The Daily Mail reports Joey Watts,37, appeared in court Monday for allegedly threatening a woman with a shotgun in November 2018 and was being held on charges of aggravated assault and felony possession of a firearm. He was captured on surveillance footage sitting next to his attorney and getting up as the jury deliberated and started walking towards the back of the courtroom. Witnesses noticed Watts exiting out of the courtroom but no one followed him. He starts walking down the hallway before speaking to a relative and exits out of the Grant County Courthouse.

Parking lot footage shows Watts running across the lot and fleeing from the property. Eventually, he was found by officers less than 24 hours after his escape from the trial.

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As for the jury’s deliberation, Watts was found guilty and sentenced to serve 36 years in prison. Grant County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Pete Roberts said in a statement that Watts saw the opportunity to escape because he was not in custody and was out on bond.

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‘Mainly the fact that he was not in custody, and he was not an inmate, that gave him the freedom to move around throughout the courthouse and things like that.’

He is ordered to appear back in court to face charges on failure to appear due to his short escape.

Press play to watch the shocking video below.


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