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Swedish Security Guards Drag Pregnant Woman Off Subway Train

Metro UK


Swedish Security Guards Drag Pregnant Woman Off Subway Train

A disturbing video went viral after a pregnant woman was dragged off a train by security guards in Stockholm, Sweden.

According to Metro UK, the woman said she feared for her unborn child’s life after the two guards pulled her off the train and pinned her down to a bench in front of her daughter. She added that she’s expected to give birth in twenty days.

‘I lost my last child at eight month pregnancy so to be eight months pregnant and go through this treatment is something I can’t put into words. All I was thinking when they dragged me and laid me on my stomach and sat on me was: “My baby! Don’t hurt my baby”.’

The two security guards at the Hotorget station stated that the woman did not have a train ticket even though she informed them she could not recover it.

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Doctors reported that the baby is in stable condition but she has to wait a day to make sure the baby is in perfect health.

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Stockholm Public Transport officer Claes Keisu said the investigation is ongoing, but could not comment further on the incident.

‘When meeting a pregnant woman travelling with a small child, should not then some precautions have been taken by the security guards? We don’t why the security guards chose to intervene in this way, but that’s something we will find out.’

The two security guards are currently suspended.


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