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Teacher Apologizes For Having Students Write ‘Funny’ Captions On Slavery Pictures

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Teacher Apologizes For Having Students Write ‘Funny’ Captions On Slavery Pictures

Teacher Apologizes For Having Students Write ‘Funny’ Captions On Slavery Pictures

A New York middle school teacher recently came under fire after a parent called her out for making students write “funny caption” under slavery pictures.

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According to the Facebook post by a woman named Darlene McCurty, the unidentified teacher from John W. Dodd Middle School wanted students to write captions for photos of former slaves from the post-Civil War era, as well as telling them to “make it funny” and “don’t bore me.” McCurty, the student’s grandmother, posted a photo on Facebook showing the worksheets, which had captions such as “black girls work hard play hard,” “Us black people need to get out” and “black girl magic.”

Of course, the lesson plan quickly garnered backlash on social media, with some urging the school to take action immediately. In a statement, the superintendent of Freeport Public Schools, Dr. Kishore Kuncham, slammed the teacher’s assignment as “an insensitive trivialization” and “poorly conceived.” The superintendent’s statement also included an apology from the teacher.

“It is with the deepest sense of respect that I apologize to the students, families and larger Freeport community for my insensitive words and actions last week,” the teacher said. “As a teacher and fellow member of this school community, it is my responsibility to exercise the highest degree of care and thought in all of my student and staff interactions. She added, “I failed to do so last week, and I fully accept that I must work hard to rebuild trust from my students, colleagues and the community.”

Freeport Public Schools Superintendent Kishore Kuncham said that an investigation would be launched into the incident and the teacher was placed on administrative leave.

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