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Teacher Caught On Camera Calling Black Students “F****** N*******”

Daily Mail


Teacher Caught On Camera Calling Black Students “F****** N*******”

A Minnesota teacher was captured on video calling black students “f****** n******” while speaking to her fellow teachers.

According to the Daily Mail, Wendy Brilowski was placed on administrative leave after the video surfaced on Facebook last week. The video shows Brilowski yelling amongst her fellow teacher in reference to a group of black students at Highland Park Middle School.

 ‘I just walk around the room … just pick on them. They’re black. And they’re the only f*****g n*****s doing any work,’

A student’s parent uploaded the disturbing cell phone footage on social media after her child was horrified by Brilowski’s language. Additional reports stated that Briloski teaches Spanish at the school.

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The school district reported that they are currently investigating what caused Brilowski to have the outburst.

‘We will work to understand what happened and take immediate, aggressive action to address this situation.

‘Following this incident, we have a lot of work to do to repair harm and rebuild trust with our students and our community. We take that responsibility seriously.

‘We offer a sincere apology for the actions that took place in our building on Wednesday,

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She says she was simply repeating what another person said but did not disclose their identity.


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