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Teen Escapes Prison By Switching Places With His Twin Brother



Teen Escapes Prison By Switching Places With His Twin Brother

A Turkish teen who was convicted of murder managed to switch places with his twin brother and escaped prison.

According to the Daily Mail, the switch-up took place in the Turkish province of Mersin where Murat A.,19, served the first year of his prison sentence. His twin brother, Huseyin, went to visit him in prison and the murderer managed to convince him to swap places. Murat walked out of the prison with no issues while his twin brother remained in the prison cell.

However, it took prison officials to realize that Murat swapped places with his brother since the prison does not have a facial recognition system to identify the twin brother unique features.

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Police searched throughout the province to find the convict but they found him in his home later on that day. His brother was also detained for taking his brother’s place at the prison.

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Authorities reported there was not a clear motive as to why the twins decided to switch places. Meanwhile, check out some facts about twins in the video clip below.


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