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Teen Gets Stuck In Washing Machine After Social Media Challenge Goes Wrong


Teen Gets Stuck In Washing Machine After Social Media Challenge Goes Wrong

A teen attempted to gain social media fame by participating in the “Washing Machine” challenge but gets stuck instead.

According to the Mirror UK, a 13-year-old boy from Ibague, Colombia participated in the “Washing Machine” challenge where the participant must attempt to fit inside of a washing machine. In the process, they have to record themselves while entering the machine.

Realizing he was trapped inside of the washing machine and could not get out, the teen screamed for help until neighbors alerted the authorities. Emergency crew members entered the home through a third floor window. At first, emergency crew members put the washing machine on its side but the teen was not able to come out.

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The teen was eventually pulled out of the machine after emergency crew members lifted the machine on its side again. Reportedly, the teen mentioned he was in the machine due to the weird social media challenge. His parents were not home when the incident happened.

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Director of the Group of Prevention and Attention of Disasters, Guiomar Troncoso, alerted the teen’s parents and warned them not to leave their son unsupervised. The teen was not injured during the incident.

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