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Teen Killed By Ex-Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend Over Pregnancy Scare


Teen Killed By Ex-Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend Over Pregnancy Scare

A New York teen was fatally stabbed hours after paying her respects to a friend who was killed last week.

According to the New York Post, Talasia Cuffie, 17, was stabbed in the chest and groin on November 15 before 10 p.m. on 166th Street in South Jamaica, Queens. She laid on a sidewalk for a half hour before a neighbor heard her pleas for help and contacted 911. Hours before the stabbing, she was at a memorial for her friend, Aamir Griffin,14. Griffin was killed three weeks ago during a gang-related shooting.

NYPD police arrested 20-year-old Tyler Caldwell for luring Cuffie to meet up with her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, who allegedly thought Cuffie was pregnant as told by the New York Daily News. Caldwell was charged with conspiracy and criminal facilitation for Cuffie’s death.

Her autopsy revealed that Cuffie was not pregnant at the time of her death.

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Police are still on the lookout for the couple involved in Cuffie’s murder, specifically her former boyfriend’s girlfriend. She said in a text message to Caldwell that she wanted to fight Cuffie. Caldwell said the suspect said in a text message that she stabbed the victim twice.

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“That b*tch is dead. I poked her twice.”

Caldwell’s motive is currently unknown but he is expected to appear in court on December 2.

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