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Teen Steals Parents’ Money To Kill Them



Teen Steals Parents’ Money To Kill Them

Teen Steals Parents’ Money To Kill Them 

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A Florida teen has been arrested for stealing her parents’ money and ordering a hit on them.

Alyssa Hatcher, 17, was arrested for two counts of criminal solicitation for murder after police discovered that the teen stole her parents’ debit card and made two different transactions to people she wanted to hire to kill them.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports that a witness told them that Hatcher gave her friend “a lot of money” to locate a hit-man.

Her boyfriend also told police that he saw her “at a known drug house” where she told him “she wanted to kill her parents.”

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Hatcher stole her parents’ debit card and took out $500 and used $100 to buy cocaine. A friend said she gave them the other $400 to hire someone to kill her parents. When that failed, she took out another $900 and tried to get a second individual to murder her parents. Luckily, the request was never carried out.

Hatcher was arrested and charged with criminal solicitation for murder. A motive is still being investigated.

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