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Teen Throws Boy From Museum Window Because He Wanted “To Be On TV”


Teen Throws Boy From Museum Window Because He Wanted “To Be On TV”

A teen who threw a child from a museum window in England during the summer said he only committed the act so he could appear on the news.

According to the BBC, Jonty Bravery,18, threw the six-year-old victim from the tenth floor of the Tate Modern in London on August 4. The boy survived the five-story fall but he sustained severe head injuries. After Bravery was arrested by police, he told them that he planned to hurt someone in order to spread “awareness” about autism on TV. During his court hearing, it was described how the teen told a Tate Modern employee about the incident and said: “I’ve think I’ve murdered someone, I’ve just thrown someone off the balcony.”

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Bravery also told police that he needed to prove a point to people who assumed he didn’t have any mental health issues and asked if the incident was going to be reported on the news.

“I wanted to be on the news, who I am and why I did it, so when it is official no-one can say anything else.”

He has autism spectrum disorder along with obsessive-compulsive disorder and an unspecified personality disorder.

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Police charged Bravery with attempted murder and he is currently being held at the Broadmoor Hospital. The victim is currently receiving intensive rehabilitation treatment but he has not recovered his mobility and brain function.

“He is constantly awoken by pain and he can’t communicate that pain or call out to hospital staff.”

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