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Teen Who Adopted Stray “Cat” Learns It Was A Puma During Vet Visit



Teen Who Adopted Stray “Cat” Learns It Was A Puma During Vet Visit

A teen from Argentina who initially thought she adopted a cat was shocked to find out that it was actually a puma!

According to the Daily Mail, Florencia Lobo was hanging out with her brother in Santa Rosa de Leales when they heard something crying nearby in September. She found two “kittens” under a tree and took them home. Lobo named the pair Tito and Dani but Dani died three weeks later. Tito was taken to a local veterinarian clinic to receive treatment for his injured leg two months after he was found by Lobo.

‘He likes to play, bite and run pretty fast. He liked to get on the table and jump from there, he thought it was normal.’

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She says Tito was very hyperactive and didn’t suspect anything until the doctor informed her that Tito was actually a jaguarundi puma.

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A wildlife expert helped confirm Tito’s species and Lobo handed him off to the Argentine Animal Rescue Foundation.

‘He followed me everywhere. He never lacked any meat, milk, or anything where I live. He was a pet for me. If you raise and spoil him, you feel like he is yours and it causes you pain that they take him away, but deep down I know that it is good that they took him and will return it to nature.’

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