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Texas Declares Sending Unsolicited Nude Photos A Crime


Texas Declares Sending Unsolicited Nude Photos A Crime

Starting on Sept.1, sending an unsolicited nude photo via cellphone or social media will be considered a crime in the state of Texas.

According KSAT News, the law is called House Bill 2789. It explicitly states that if an individual is caught sending unsolicited images of sexual activity or their genitalia electronically will be charged with a misdemeanor.

“Any person engaging in sexual conduct or with the person ’s intimate parts exposed; or covered genitals of a male person that are in a discernibly turgid state; and not sent at the request of or with the express consent of the recipient. An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor.”

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The bill was created by state rep. Morgan Myer R-Dallas and received an unanimous vote of 122-22 in April. Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill in June.

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“Sending a lewd photo to someone that has not requested it or someone you don’t know is no different than exposing yourself to a stranger in public or performing other lewd acts. This is becoming a bigger issue among our teenagers and young adults, and while it seems less egregious since done over text or email, we must establish that this is not acceptable by making it a punishable offense.”

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