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The Internet Is Not Here For Nicole Arbour’s “This Is America” Parody


The Internet Is Not Here For Nicole Arbour’s “This Is America” Parody

A week after Childish Gambino released “This Is America”, Youtube comedian Nicole Arbour created a parody focusing on women’s issues in America.

Nicole Arbour is known for creating debatable videos on Youtube that target different groups of people. She gained internet fame when she created the controversial video called “Dear Fat People” in 2015 and again in 2016 when her ex-boyfriend Matthew Santoro revealed Arbour abused him emotionally and physically throughout their relationship.

Arbour received backlash on Twitter for devaluing the message and symbolism of “This Is America” and she replied to the criticism by stating the video was paying homage to Childish Gambino

“His video hit me hard. Real hard. Best art I’ve seen in years. Finally felt it, and was hoping u can feel me now too,”

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However, Arbour’s reaction met with more criticism as Twitter users posted receipts of the Youtube star’s comments about black women and hypocrisy.

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Prior to filming her “homage” to “This Is America”, Arbour tweeted a video about a white person’s reaction after watching it.

Check out Nicole Arbour’s video and let us know if you think she missed the message from Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”.

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