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Thick Fog Inside Delta Plane Frightens Passengers Before Take Off

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


Thick Fog Inside Delta Plane Frightens Passengers Before Take Off

Thick Fog Inside Delta Plane Frightens Passengers Before Take Off

If you’ve taken a plane before then you’re probably familiar with the sight of fog inside an aircraft. However, for passengers flying from Jacksonville, Fla., to John F. Kennedy Airport on Sunday night, there was a little too much mist inside their plane heading to New York and passengers became very alarmed.

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A video captured by a passenger shows a thick layer of mist inside the cabin of Delta Flight 100. Flyer Amanda Goncalves said there was no odor, but the fog lasted for 30 minutes as the plane sat on the tarmac before takeoff. She said she figured it was related to the humid weather, but wished Delta flight attendants or the pool or would have explained to passengers what it really was.

“People were wondering why it was lasting so long. The flight attendants didn’t really make an announcement. They just said they were practicing for their Halloween haunted house. They made a joke of it instead of saying it was from the humidity or condensation,” Goncalves said according to CBS.

Still curious to know, Duddridge showed the video to aviation expert Alan Yurman, who said he believes it was condensation, but added he has never seen it that thick.

“It appears to me like they were making fog, like they were making a cloud inside the cabin area,” said Yurman, a retired National Transportation Safety Board air safety investigator. He added, “When the air conditioning system is turned on, and you’ve got cold air meeting whatever the temperature of the cabin was, you start getting condensation,” Yurman said.

Delta did speak out and said the incident was related to humidity and that it is not required to report it to the Federal Aviation Administration, the Daily Mail reports.

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