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Three Children Found Dead After Accidentally Locking Themselves In A Car For Four Hours

Daily Mail/Viral Press


Three Children Found Dead After Accidentally Locking Themselves In A Car For Four Hours

Three children were found dead inside of a vehicle after they accidentally locked themselves and suffocated for hours in the Philippines.

The Daily Mail reports Agatha Morales,9, and her two cousins, 8-year-old Shamel Morales, and six-year-old Pauline Morales were playing outside of their home in Bataan province on May 13. Agatha’s father, Jessie Morales,31, reportedly came home from work and parked his vehicle around 4 pm then went inside to get something to eat. It was believed that the three girls entered the green car and climbed inside to play around before the door locked behind them. The girls were trapped inside the vehicle for hours until a friend discovered them and notified their parents around 8 pm.

Jessie ran outside to discover the girls’ lifeless bodies in the car and took them to a local hospital where they were pronounced dead. The recorded temperature on the day of their deaths was 35 °C ( 95 °F).

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The family said in a statement that they believe a broken lock was the cause when the children entered the vehicle and trapped them inside. Also, they called the tragic death an “accident” and that authorities should not investigate.

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Local police are currently investigating if negligence played a role in the girls’ deaths. Bataan Police chief Dennis Orbista warned parents to watch their children to prevent a similar situation:

‘To parents of children who are of the same age of the victims, always watch over the children because out of curiosity, they play with all things in the surroundings.’

Meanwhile, check out the clip below to learn how to prevent children from being trapped in hot cars.


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