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Toddler Hit And Killed By Cars After Leaving Home For The Fourth Time

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Toddler Hit And Killed By Cars After Leaving Home For The Fourth Time

A Utah man was arrested after his grandson was hit and killed by two cars while he wandered out of his home for the fourth time.

According to Crime Online, 2-year-old Zayden Beck wandered out of his home in January while his grandfather, Michael Montgomery,73, watched him while the child’s mother stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. Moments later, the toddler was found unconscious by authorities after he was struck by two vehicles. One of the drivers said she did not notice Zayden until he ran in front of her car and did not have time to stop. The boy was transported to a local hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Montgomery told police that he fell asleep while the toddler wandered off and said he most likely escaped through the dog door. Police say this was not the first time the boy left his home. Zayden wandered away from the home on multiple occasions in September, October, and December.

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Montgomery says even though he’s not related to Zayden, he would often call him “Grandpa.” During his court appearance Monday, prosecutors said Montgomery was negligent while Zayden was under his care. Deputy Tooele County Attorney, Robert Clegg, commented on the case during the court hearing:

“It’s awful that this child had loved ones. It’s awful that their negligence caused this child’s death.”

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Montgomery was charged with one count of child abuse homicide.


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