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Toddler Hit And Killed By Mom’s SUV Four Years After Sister Died In A Similar Manner



Toddler Hit And Killed By Mom’s SUV Four Years After Sister Died In A Similar Manner

A Florida toddler was hit and killed by his mother’s SUV on Tuesday, four years after his sister was killed in a similar accident.

PEOPLE reports the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call that a toddler was hit in Plant City around 5 p.m. The two-year-old boy’s mother and grandmother explained to officers that they were test driving their Chevrolet Blazer on a private road since it was experiencing transmission issues. After driving forward then reversing the vehicle, the mother thought she hit a piece of wood but then realized it was her son once she spotted the family dog on the front yard.

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The woman said she left her son alone in the house during the test driver as told by Hillsborough County spokeswoman Crystal Clark.

“Two-year-olds, some of them do have the ability to open a door on their own. They did say that they left the toddler and a dog inside the house at the time, so when they saw the dog was outside in the yard, it’s a clear indicator that, ‘Oh no, our child is likely in the yard as well.’”

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The two women found the boy in front of the vehicle shortly after and he was transported to Tampa General Hospital, where he later died. His sister died in a similar manner four years ago when she fell out of a moving vehicle being driven by a relative. Officers are currently investigating the incident but no charges have been filed against the family.


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