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Tory Lanez Says Stay Tuned For His Sophomore Album: “There’s A Lot Of Bars”

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Tory Lanez Says Stay Tuned For His Sophomore Album: “There’s A Lot Of Bars”

While Tory Lanez released his debut studio album “I Told You” last year, he’s been piece-feeding listeners with mixtapes like January-released ‘Chixtape 4,’ and ‘The New Toronto 2,‘ plus his remix-tape, ‘Swave Session,‘ in April.

Consequently, the 25-year-old artist has now finished his untitled sophomore album, which apparently won’t include any samples; just a whole a bunch of bars. Hashtag: FLAMES.

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Additionally, the Toronto native spoke with Hot New Hip Hop recently, where he mentioned his forthcoming album and other industry-related topics.

Furthermore, Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson, admits the new project is better than his debut ‘I Told You,‘ including a few features, but zero samples.

“This album will be something different for you to love in a different way [than I Told You]. There’s a lot of bars on this, for sure…It’s definitely not I Told You.”

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Moreover, in regards to his debut, Peterson explains:

“It was cool, my problem with it…I wouldn’t even say my problem with it, because I love that album, I still will always call it classic because of what it is, my thing with I Told You when I listened back to it, it was nothing to really dance to.”

Meanwhile, he clarifies:

“And when I say dance I don’t mean necessarily get up and pop-lock, I mean it was nothing that made you like…Like I’ll play this at a party, it was only the two singles that came out.”

Also, he adds:

“But now, for the second album, I’m glad I did that [on I Told You], cause there’s so many different things I can do this time.”

Additionally, Fargo recently performed at Drake‘s 8th annual OVO Fest in their native hometown of Toronto, after squashing their beef.

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Moreover, the music news website states the clip premiered is just a brief intro to the full 40-minute sit-down, arriving early next week.

In addition to talking on his new album, we’ll also hear more on Peterson’s thoughts on industry politics and his new baby boy, Kai.

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