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Transgender Woman Groped By Two Women Inside Bar Bathroom

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Transgender Woman Groped By Two Women Inside Bar Bathroom

Two North Carolina women were arrested after they sexually harassed a transgender woman and groped her inside of a bar bathroom.

According to the New York Post, Jessica Leeann Fowler,31, and Amber Nicole Harrell confessed to police that they groped the woman inside at Milk Bar’s bathroom on Dec.9. Police were informed of the incident when the victim’s friend reported the sexual harassment a day later. It was told that Harrell and Fowler were having a discussion with the victim in the bathroom when they grabbed her genitals and asked her if she had a “penis”.

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One of the women also lifted up her shirt to ask the victim if she wanted to see their breasts and another grabbed the victim’s buttocks. The victim asked the women to stop but they continued to touch her without her consent. The encounter continued outside of the bathroom where Harrell and Fowler grabbed the woman’s stomach and buttocks again.

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Fowler was placed on a $30,000 bond at the Wake County jail and Harrell was released on a $50,000 bail.

#Pressplay to learn more about the case in the video below

Source: New York Post

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