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Truck Crashes And Releases 40,000 Pounds Of Live Honey Bees



Truck Crashes And Releases 40,000 Pounds Of Live Honey Bees

A semi-truck that was en route to North Dakota from California crashed into an intersection in Montana. The vehicle contained 40,000 pounds of live bees.

According to CNN, the semi-truck crashed into a rural intersection near Bozeman, Montana. Authorities reported that no humans were harmed during the accident. The Hyalite Fire Department reported that the driver and passenger were already out of the vehicle when they arrived at the scene. Fire Assistant Chief Brian Nickolay said his crew was already prepared with safety gear to prevent being stung by the honey bees:

“We had to do some stabilization to the truck since it is on its side and it was leaking fuel. We just took the best precautions we could as far as safety for our guys. We went really in our full structure fire gear, including our self-contained breathing apparatus packs so kind of minimize and reduce the risk of being stung at that point to our guys,

An apiarist noted that 40,000 pounds of bees equal to around 133 million bees.

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Authorities say the truck flipped at the intersection of Gooch Hill and Durston Road, leading to the roads being closed off for a short period of time.

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