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Trump Signs Order To Deploy National Guard To U.S.-Mexico Border


Trump Signs Order To Deploy National Guard To U.S.-Mexico Border

President Trump has signed an executive order late Wednesday to give authorization for the deployment of National Guard troops to the U.S-Mexico border.

The announcement was made by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen during a White House press conference earlier but she did not disclose how long the deployment will last, the number of troops involved, and the cost of the plan. She declared there is an imminent threat at the border and that the order will take effect as soon as President Trump signed it.

Trump declared the military will guard the border a day before he signed the order and claimed the troops will be guarding the border until his “big, beautiful wall” is built.

Nielsen was questioned as to if the National Guard’s role will change or if they will be ordered to make enforcement measures such as arresting undocumented immigrants. She replied, “they would not as of now”.

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According to the Daily News, federal law prohibits active-duty me ever from operating as part of domestic law enforcement agencies unless it is specifically authorized by Congress. Lecturer of Columbia University Christopher Sabitini stated the order is to fuel Trump’s wishes:

“Stamping passports and checking visas is not what the National Guard does, nor should it. They are sent there as a show of force. They can’t even, nor are they equipped to, patrol the border.”

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Neilsen added in the announcement that Trump’s order reflects George W.Bush’s order in 2006 where Bush deployed 6,000 National Guard troops to assist with the Border and Customs Protection agency where new border agents were being trained.

On Tuesday, Trump accused Central American immigrants of taking advantage of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program or DACA:

“We cannot have people flowing into our country illegally, disappearing and, by the way, never showing up for court,”

Trump is continuing to fight for the wall to be built although Congress approved to build the wall for $1.6 billion instead of Trump’s expected $25 billion.

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