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TV Producer Dead After E-Cigarette Explodes, Burns 80% Of His Body

Tallmadge Wakeman D'Elia e-cigarette


TV Producer Dead After E-Cigarette Explodes, Burns 80% Of His Body

E-cigarettes prove to be quite dangerous, despite advertising.

Former CNBC producer Tallmadge Wakeman D’Elia, 38, passed away earlier this month on May 5 in St. Petersburg, FL after his vape pen/e-cigarette exploded, igniting a fire in his bedroom. He is the first to pass in the U.S. by a vape pen.

Additionally, upon usage, the pen exploded and lodged pieces into his skull, per autopsy reports, and burned more than 80% of his body after the accidental sparked blaze.

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While the pen was produced in the Philippines, where it’s unregulated and not recommended for beginners, authorities are still unsure as to what caused the pen to explode.

However, FEMA, which keeps information on e-cigs, states that the late producer’s death is the first in the U.S. caused by a vape pen.

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Furthermore, following the incident, authorities found his body inside the home that was on fire, which suffered about 80% of thermal injuries to his chest, shoulder, abdomen, back and arm and hand.

In addition, his father, Christopher D’Elia told ABC Tampa Bay affiliate WFTS:

“This is a terrible shock. A 38-year-old should not be gone and his mother and I are devastated. Anybody who has lost a son doesn’t want anybody else to lose a child to something like this.”

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Also, Christopher adds of his son’s e-cig usage:

“I didn’t really find what he was doing attractive, and I asked him not to do it in the house because I didn’t like the odor, and he didn’t. His mother and I weren’t home, so that’s why he may have been using it inside.”

Our condolences to Tallmadge D’Elia, his family and friends.

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