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Twin Boys Found Bolted To The Wall In ‘Cages’



Twin Boys Found Bolted To The Wall In ‘Cages’

Twin Boys Found Bolted To The Wall In ‘Cages’

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Two children were found locked in makeshift cages and bolted to a wall inside a California home.

Fox News reports that the parents have been arrested after police served a search warrant at a home in California.

The search warrant was for an unrelated incident and police were shocked when they discovered the children. The report says that the twins were found in two separate modified cribs that were stacked on top of the other. They were also “secured to the wall like dog crates.”

Modoc County Sheriff Tex Dowdy said of the cages, “I suspect it was a way to keep them away from the other items that were located within the residence.”

The children were reported to be just 22 months old. Along with the caged babies, police found firearms, ammunition and suspected methamphetamine.

The parents have been identified as Ramon Alberto Zendejas, 25, and his girlfriend Mercadies Irene Williams, who is also 25. They are both being held on $10,000 bail.
The two kids are currently in the car of Modoc County Child Protective Services.

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