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Twin Sisters Plan To Get Pregnant By Their Shared Boyfriend



Twin Sisters Plan To Get Pregnant By Their Shared Boyfriend

These Australian twin sisters are planning to have a baby with their boyfriend and stated that their mother came up with the idea.

According to FOX News, Anna and Lucy DeCinque announced that their boyfriend is okay with creating children with the “world’s most identical twins”. The women also added that they hope the law allows them to marry Ben Byrne and believe that the relationship works perfectly.

“This is what works for us. People need to get that. We’re not hurting anyone,”

The twins said that their mother is convincing them to conceive naturally so they can be pregnant at the same time.

“Our mom is actually convincing us to go naturally, give birth naturally, so I don’t know how that’s going to work [because] we need to be pregnant at the same time,

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Back in 2017, the twins stated in a video that they wanted to have babies through a surrogate or IVF fertilization but have reconsidered their decision.

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“It is a bit of a dilemma.We know that’s where nature comes in, we can’t control these things. You can’t force these things’

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