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Ultrasound Nails Are the Latest Trend Among Pregnant Women


Ultrasound Nails Are the Latest Trend Among Pregnant Women

Becoming a mommy is such a joyous occasion, so much so that before the baby is even delivered, a mothers creativity is at an all-time high and this latest ultrasound trend proves that!

Ultrasounds are the first pictures that a mother sees of her unborn child. Some mothers are taking the extra steps to cherish that picture everywhere they go. No, we don’t mean by keeping the pictures in their purse, but we’re talking about physically wearing the ultrasound pictures on their nails.

Ultrasound nails are the hottest mommy trend sweeping the internet. With such clarity and simple black and whites, nail techs are giving mommies a cute way to show off their little babies face.

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Now while this might not be practical for every day, it sure is a great idea for baby showers and gender reveals.

With this new trend, it has helped some mothers remember their children that they have lost. One mother took to her Instagram to share her story saying;

“I lost all inspiration as I struggled with the grief. I learned how to love him and his brief life and move forward with renewed hope. I love you jelly bean, and seeing you on my nails makes me smile.”

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We commend the nail technicians who are giving mothers a smile on their face just by adding small details.

Take a look at some of the pictures below courtesy of Instagram.

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