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Unarmed Man Shot 37 Times By Police In Compton



Unarmed Man Shot 37 Times By Police In Compton

Unarmed Man Shot 37 Times By Police In Compton

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An unarmed black man identified as Ryan Twyman was shot and killed on Thursday by LAPD in the parking lot of an apartment complex on 132nd and San Pedro. He was reportedly shot 37 times by LAPD.

“The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene,” Deputy Erin Liu said in a written statement.

Reports state that Twyman was in the car with another male and his girlfriend when the deputies approached them. It is not clear what led up to the shooting, but Ryan was hit in his upper-body and pronounced dead.

According to Black Lives Matter, Twyman’s friend was badly beaten and Twyman’s girlfriend was also taken into custody.

“During that contact with two individuals, a deputy-involved shooting occurred,” the deputy added. “One individual was struck in the upper torso and later was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Twyman’s death was the third officer-involved shooting of the night and no firearm was discovered at the scene.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department is currently investigating the death.

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