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UPDATE: DA Uncover Motive For Brutal Slaying Of Bianca Devins



UPDATE: DA Uncover Motive For Brutal Slaying Of Bianca Devins

More news is being released in regards to the brutal murder of Bianca Devins.

The brutal murder of social media star Bianca Devins may have a motive according to police who say her boyfriend was jealous.

Brandon Andrew Clark is being charged with the brutal murder of Devins, whose mutilated neck was shared on Instagram.

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Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara shared that Clark could have been jealous that Devins kissed another man while attending a concert in Queens on Saturday night.

As of now, authorities have no clue which concert they attended, but it is known that leaving the event, the two drove to Utica where Clark snapped.

After he posted the picture of Devin’ slit neck, Police say he called the cops on himself.

“I have a very hard time understanding how anybody can justify taking another young person’s life because they kissed somebody else,” added McNamara.

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When authorities arrived, Clark proceeded to cut his own throat and posted his picture to the same Instagram account. As of now, he is recovering from surgery.


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