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Update: Hugh Hefners Widow Will Inherit $5 Million From His Estate


Update: Hugh Hefners Widow Will Inherit $5 Million From His Estate

Despite claims that Hugh Hefner’s wife Crystal will inherit $0, new reports reveal otherwise.

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According to reports,  Crystal Harris, 31 was left with a $7million mansion and $5 million lump sum in an agreement long before Hefner’s death.

Following the announcement of Hefner’s death on Wednesday, September 28th,  reports quickly surfaced that his wife would be left with nothing from a prenup that would ultimately stop her from receiving a dime from the 91-year-olds $43-million fortune.

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Reportedly, in the same prenup, Harris was promised the substantial amount of $5 million along with the 4-bedroom mansion he bought back in 2013.

Hefner was worth $200 million, but by 2009 he was worth a mere $43 million. His monthly earnings from the magazine only totaled $100,000, with the rest coming from his pension.  He then sold his mansion for $100 million, half of the asking price.

The remainder of his estate was divided between his children: Marston and now-Penthouse-boss Cooper, who were born to second wife Kimberley Conrad; and Christie and David, whom he had with first wife Mildred Williams.

Hugh Hefner and family.

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