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UPDATE: Man Claims Corrections Officers Made Racist Remarks Before Brutally Beating Him

Photo Credit: FOX40 / Instagram


UPDATE: Man Claims Corrections Officers Made Racist Remarks Before Brutally Beating Him

UPDATE: Man Claims Corrections Officers Made Racist Remarks Before Brutally Beating Him

We recently shared the disturbing images of a man who was left bloodied and bruised following a horrible encounter with a few police officers in California. At the time, Jacob Angelo Servin only shared that he was beaten, kicked, and chocked by three officers who he labeled as racists. He didn’t share what exactly happened that led to beatdown in his post, but he recently spoke to Fox News and explained how it all went down.

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Servin told FOX40 that he was at a bar with his girlfriend when they were told to leave along with a group of people. He said they got in their car and with the keys still out of the ignition, were pulled from the vehicle by two Stockton officers. He was then arrested on suspicion of public intoxication.

San Joaquin County Sheriff Patrick Withrow said there were no visible injuries at that time “when Mr. Servin arrived from Stockton P.D. and was booked into our jail.” But, he claims Servin became combative during the booking process and that he was actually the aggressor. Withrow said, according to jail staff, they did what they had to do to protect themselves. Now, Servin says that’s not what happened. He told FOX40 that several corrections officers started using racist language against him during the booking process. He added, that they forcefully took him “to a disclosed area where it was away from the intake and that’s where they held me down by my feet, held me down by my hands, beat me to a pulp,” Servin said. “One by one they choked me. They put my head backwards like this behind the chair. I thought my neck was going to snap.”

Servin strongly denied he did anything to provoke the officers.

“If that was the case, I would not be sitting here talking to you. I’m positive I’d still be in jail for assaulting an officer and trying to take their equipment,” Servin said. “They said I tried to bite her? Come on, just be realistic. I’d still be in jail and I’d be waiting to see a judge for that, for those kinds of actions.”

Servin said he later denied the medical treatment offered to him at the jail out of fear. He is now calling for the officer’s job and wants them to be held accountable for “abusing their position.”

“They don’t deserve their badges, they don’t deserve their badges. They need their badges taken from them.”

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