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UPDATE: Mother Of 11 Who Needed A Job Exposed As A Scammer

Jessica Sumlin
WSB-TV/Fox 13 Memphis


UPDATE: Mother Of 11 Who Needed A Job Exposed As A Scammer

Hey Socialites! Remember the mother of 11 children who lost her job before Christmas? Apparently, some Twitter users did their own investigation and said she made up the entire story!

We previously reported that Memphis resident Jessica Sumlin lost her seasonal job before Christmas and recently left her 12-year position at Taco Bell due to a high-risk pregnancy. She said during her interview with Fox 13 Memphis that she was risking eviction and was trying to apply for jobs to support her eleven children. Now, some Twitter users have conducted their own investigation in regard to Sumlin’s situation and said she allegedly made the story up!

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Twitter user @ULoveDeAndrea created a thread dedicated to uncovering the truth about Sumlin and said Sumlin was NOT a mother of 11 but actually a mother of two children. Sumlin’s boyfriend also gave her the idea to create a GoFundMe page in June.

“So the woman with the 11 kids, actually lied about a lot. She does not have 11 kids, she was fired from her job for stealing, (not for a high risk pregnancy) and the boyfriend made her start the GoFundMe and lie.”

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It was also noted in the Twitter thread that it only takes 90 days for a Memphis resident to be evicted from their home. Close friends and relatives of Sumlin also confirmed the claims and says Sumlin only has two biological children. The other nine are her boyfriend’s children who are currently living her and her mother.

You can read the Twitter thread below and share your thoughts with Yappa!

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