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Usher Burglary Suspect Arrested With Millions In Stolen Property

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Usher Burglary Suspect Arrested With Millions In Stolen Property

Usher Burglary Suspect Arrested With Millions In Stolen Property

Good news: the man suspected of burglarizing celebrity homes including Usher’s has finally been arrested!

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It took a while but cops finally nabbed the guy who managed to get away with $800k worth of Usher’s property. According to TMZ, police searched the suspect’s home with a warrant and discovered more than 2,000 items valued at over $2 million, some of which included ushers belongings and other stolen goods from celebrity homes.

The other items reportedly belonged to a ‘Real Housewives‘ star. At this time, it is unclear which housewife it might’ve been. Sources say that during the investigation, cops learned the suspect had told family members he came upon his newfound wealth by doing well in the stock market. 

So how exactly did he manage to get away with so many items? Well, apparently, cops discovered in their investigation that he would go to open houses at homes on the market, scope the place out, and then return at a later time to raid the home. 

Cops also say that although this suspect sounds like the heavy hitter who burglarized celebrity homes like Rihanna, Yasiel Puig, Viola Davis, and more, he is not tied to the big bust from earlier last year.

Press Play Below To See Which Celebrity Home Burglars Where Planning To Hit Next:

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