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Utility Worker Finds Dead Body In NYC Manhole


Utility Worker Finds Dead Body In NYC Manhole

A utility worker who was working near Columbus Circle discovered a decomposed body inside a manhole early Tuesday morning. The body was apparently there for approximately two weeks.

According to the New York Post, NYPD officers said the unidentified male body was found around 3:20 a.m. at West 58th Street and 8th Avenue. Police also noted his body was halfway eaten by rats.

A worker who witnesses the scene said the smell was “unbelievable” and not something you would find a manhole.

“Doing that kind of job you’d expect to find some strange things in manholes or in sewers — but this is a first. I was shocked,”

It was unclear if the 20-foot drop killed the man but surveillance videos showed he appeared to be intoxicated and stumbled into the hole on Sept.30. Hours later, the hole was covered up by Verizon workers despite not knowing the man was inside.

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Another worker said the man’s body was found on top of a few wires that belonged to a utility and telecommunications company. A statement from the Public Service Commission said Verizon is currently under investigation since their company worked on the manhole.

“If there were violations, the company could face financial penalties,”

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