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Vaginal Fluid Transplants Will Soon Be Available In The United States


Vaginal Fluid Transplants Will Soon Be Available In The United States

Soon, women in the United States will be able to receive vaginal fluid transplants to help protect them from various infections.

The BBC reports American doctors are saying women can benefit from a dose of healthy vaginal bacteria to help protect them from infections such as bacterial vaginosis. Medical staff from Johns Hopkins University said they were inspired by the idea after learning about the success of feces transplants. BV is not a sexually transmitted disease contrary to popular belief and can come back even if a woman uses antibiotics for treatment.

The transplants are currently in the process of being approved by the Food and Drug Administration and researchers are preparing to find ways to safely administer samples.

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20 women have been tested for researchers to understand what would be considered an “ideal candidate. Women with a low pH level provided samples of vaginal fluid contained a bacteria called Lactobacillus crispatus and a high lactic acid rate. However, donors are advised to wait for 30 days to have sex and must be screened for all infections and diseases.

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Dr. Laura Ensign said in a statement that donors will collect the samples using a device similar to a menstrual cup or tampon.

“It’s quick and easy and one sample collected like that would be enough material to make one dose for transfer,”

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