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Vatican Releases Document Rejecting Gender Change



Vatican Releases Document Rejecting Gender Change

Vatican Releases Document Rejecting Gender Change

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The Vatican just released an official document on Monday that rejects gender change.

LGBT Catholics have deemed the new document as harmful as it contributes to bigotry and violence against gay and transgender people.

“The real-life experiences of LGBT people seem entirely absent from this document,” said Rev. James Martin, who belives in advocating for the LGBT community. ”We should welcome the congregation’s call to dialogue and listening on gender, and I hope that conversation will now begin.”

Pope Francis has previously noted that people cannot choose their genders. The text also rejects “intersex” and “transgender.”

“Gender is also biologically determined by genetics, hormones and brain chemistry — things not visible at birth,” Francis DeBernardo who is the head of New Ways Ministry said in a statement. “People do not choose their gender, as the Vatican claims, they discover it through their lived experiences.”

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