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Vegan Activist Accused Of Killing 90 Newborn Rabbits During Rescue Mission

Instagram/Mythical Mia


Vegan Activist Accused Of Killing 90 Newborn Rabbits During Rescue Mission

A Barcelona activist who went on a rescue mission to save from a farm allegedly killed over 90 newborn rabbits in the process.

Metro News reports activist known as ‘Mythical Mia’ claimed on social media that she saved 16 rabbits before she was shot by  the farmers. She said in a video that the bullets broken a car window, causing her to get cut on the face. However, the residents of Osona, Catalonia stated her actions caused more harm than good.

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During the botched rescue, many of the rabbits recently gave birth but the offspring were left behind. Five pregnant rabbits died during the incident and several others had broken spines or miscarried due to shock. Before the incident, 3,000 rabbits lived on the farm and 700 of them were babies.

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Mia said in a video to her Instagram followers that she left the scene peacefully and only rescued 16 rabbits before being chased by the farmers.

‘Despite everything, I am just happy that those 16 lives are free from harm.‘

‘We were inside that farm for less than five minutes and we only touched the rabbits who we rescued, who are all doing fine now, despite being very sick when rescued due to the filthy living conditions of that farm.’

‘We did not leave any babies without their mothers as we only rescued young ones. We had a professional vet on site with us the whole time.’

Press play to learn more in the video below.


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