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Veterinarian Gang Raped And Burned To Death In India


Veterinarian Gang Raped And Burned To Death In India

Four men have been arrested for kidnapping, gangraping and burning a woman to death in the Shamshabad region of India.

According to Heavy, 35-year-old Priyanka Reddy was approached by the four suspects after a tire in her motorcycle was torn at the Tondully toll plaza of Outer King Road around 9:30 p.m. last week. Reddy was on her way home from a dermatologist appointment after she finished her work at a veterinary clinic and told her sister about the tire. Her sister, Bhavya, told her to catch a taxi home but Priyanka was assaulted by the men shortly after the phone call. The men repeatedly raped then suffocated Reddy to death before taking her body 15 miles away from the scene.

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Her body was taken to an area in Chattanpally where the men set it on fire then fled the scene. Reddy’s family went to the police an hour after she went off the phone with her sister and conducted a search that went on until 5:00 a.m. Her sister said the police did not take the matter seriously and one of the officers assumed she eloped with someone.

“We lost a lot of time moving from one police station to another. Had the police acted without wasting time, at least my sister would have been alive.”

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The four suspects were identified as Mohammed Areef,26, Jollu Shiva, 20,  Jollu Naveen, 20; and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu, 20. Police say they worked as truck drivers and believe they may have been intoxicated during the sexual assault.

News of the vicious assault has caused a nationwide protest in the country among citizens and celebrities.

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